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Securing our children's future, today

It is hoped the BCP will be Australia's Newest Law Enforcement Agency and is currently under development.

The Bureau of Child Protection (BCP) is hoped to be the Australian Governments newest Federal Law Enforcement Agency. The Bureau of Child Protection's main role is to Investigate all criminal activities against youths in Australia and to Educate Youths about crime, punishment and the future. The BCP will enforce  laws to those under the age of 18, and have optional jurisdiction of all School based crimes, extending to all educational campuses within Australia’s borders. Universities and schools, places of youth gatherings and all residences or locations where a minor may be present. The BCP however will work with all State/Federal Police Services and at all times will respect local laws.           

The Bureau of Child Protection is an Independent Law Enforcement Agency, working in conjunction with various law enforcement and government agencies both here in Australia and around the world. The creation of the BCP is to Investigate all criminal acts against youths, to convict those breaking the law and to also educate the youths of Australia . 

New Laws will need to be passed in order to allow the BCP to operate successfully and independently to current Law Enforcement Agencies. Jurisdiction boundaries will need to be passed making certain acts on criminal activity a Federal BCP Matter i.e. If a child is taken against their will over state lines or a criminal commits two in two states then this matter would be of a Federal Crime investigated by Federal Agents. The BCP will also have built into its mandate to provide assistance on all State levels of Policing, whether it be to assist QLD Police during Schoolies Week, or Victorian Police during Music festivals, and the BCP will even assist on criminal matters involving youths/students as any institution or premise involving youths either with or without the behest of the State Police Service. 

The most important factor in the success of the BCP will be the relationship it shares with State/Federal Police Services. By using these forces in the creation of the BCP we will be able to ensure from the get go that professional courtesy and co-operation is at its highest. With huge events like Schoolies week the inter-agency co-operation will be essential. With the addition of BCP Federal Agents both undercover and in Uniform we will be able to again crack down on crimes against youths during these periods, and likewise it will again give a different Police View to those thinking of breaking the law.

News Years will be another area in which BCP agents can assist, the are no limits as to the impact that the Bureau of Child Protection can have. By working with Local Police the BCP will be able to set up a Educational presentations that can be implemented into schools. The education and inspiration of youths should be a priority from this new Federal Agency. If we are able to shape the youths of today it will greatly effect a difference in those youths of tomorrow.



Please note that this document/website has been prepared for Government Use only, and as a Draft/example of the proposed new Federal Agency. No copies of this document/website or its link have been produced or given out other than to relevant Government Officials, and has not been printed at their request. All copies of this document have been recorded, and reproduction of this document without authorisation is not allowed. Copies made by Government Agencies cannot be controlled and is at their own responsibility to ensure the safeguarding of this document. This document holds no legal powers, and has been created solely for the purpose of basing the Bureau of Child Protection in an Act, and outlining the PROPOSED laws, Legislation and Police Powers, and giving direction as to where the BCP and its creators would like to head with Federal Assistance.




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