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Careers with the Bureau of Child Protection

To the potential recruit,

Thank you for inquiring about employment into the Bureau of Child Protection.

Whilst in training at the Federal Academy you will attain the Associate Degree in Policing Practice, a degree designed with the University of Canberra, along with the Bureau of Child Protection.

Unlike some law enforcement agencies the Federal Academy (based in Canberra) is a full on campus training course. The course is as follows:

  • Full-time undergraduate study

Our application forms are designed to give us a profile of you. We want to know everything about you, it’s your turn show us what your made of, and it allows us to get a feel of your intentions, personality, also your motivations and goals for the future. It may also help to do a rough draft, so that you can avoid making mistakes on your forms.

We do recommend that you read all of the attached information before submitting your application form to us. Please ensure that you attach certified copies of all relevant information. This will allow us to assess your application faster without having to make unnecessary investigations which may slow the application process. Should you not meet our requirements of entry we will work with you and the University of Canberra to bridge your educational gap.

There is currently only one intake per year to the Federal Academy, however this can alter from time to time depending on the Agencies requirements.

As soon as your application form has been assessed by the BCP recruitment team and that you are considered you academically eligible, you will be given written notification of your acceptance to the next level.  You will be assigned a BCP Student Identification Number and Admission Code. This will allow you to access the Federal Academies Website allowing you to download the Bureau of Child Protections Professional Code of Conduct, and Course Outlay/subject layout.

Entry into the Bureau of Child Protection’s Federal Academy is very competitive; therefore please know in addition to the Application Form, Interviews with Federal Agents will be crucial in our choice of applicants. Interviews and Application forms therefore account as 50/50 in our selection process. Show us what makes you a Federal Agent, Make us want you.

Please go to the "Contact Us"link at the top of the page, and submit an employment request, we will then You will receive the academic application form, application form as well as the course structure, scholarships and the process of employment by the Federal Agency, the Bureau of Child Protection.

Good Luck with your application, we look forward to receiving it.


Recruitment Branch

Bureau of Child Protection

* Please note that this document/website has been prepared for Government Use only, and as a Draft/example of the proposed new Federal Agency. No copies of this document/website or its link have been produced or given out other than to relevant Government Officials, and has not been printed at their request. All copies of this document have been recorded, and reproduction of this document without authorization is not allowed. Copies made by Government Agencies cannot be controlled and is at their own responsibility to ensure the safeguarding of this document. This document holds no legal powers, and has been created solely for the purpose of basing the Bureau of Child Protection in an Act, and outlining the PROPOSED laws, Legislation and Police Powers, and giving direction as to where the BCP and its creators would like to head with Federal Assistance.



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